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A One-of-a-Kind Program Powered by 6-8 Sports

Discover the heart of our Water Polo Program, where we’re dedicated to molding passionate athletes into champions of the pool. Our program is a testament to excellence in water polo, combining rigorous training, expert coaching, and a commitment to nurturing not just athletes, but well-rounded individuals.

At PRIME Athletic Academy, water polo isn’t just a sport; it’s a journey toward aquatic mastery. Learn about our approach, values, and the foundation upon which we build champions in the water.

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6-8 Sports

At PRIME Athletic Academy, we recognize the power of collaboration in shaping the future of water polo excellence. That’s why we’re proud to to be powered by 6-8 Sports, a pioneering force in water polo development.

6-8 Sports is on a mission to revolutionize water polo growth and exposure through an innovative development system. By uniting standardized metrics, live-game tracking, and advanced data analytics, they empower individual athletes, coaches, and teams to evaluate fundamental skills, analyze game data, and improve effectively.

Their Training Academy, the first of its kind in water polo, offers a semester-based, full-time, and immersive training program. It covers everything serious athletes need to play in college or rapidly improve their skills, including state-of-the-art gym conditioning, high-level water polo, mental and tactical work, virtual reality training, nutrition guidance, college recruiting consultation, and more.


Maggie Steffens and Tony Azevedo

Founded by #6 Maggie Steffens and #8 Tony Azevedo, both acclaimed Olympians and water polo legends, 6-8 Sports represents a data-driven approach to evaluating athlete strengths and weaknesses as they develop over time. It unites objective data, consistent testing, and innovative technology to provide a comprehensive snapshot of athlete and team performance.

At PRIME Athletic Academy, we share 6-8 Sports’ vision for the future of water polo as one of the next great global sports, from college to the Olympic stage and beyond. Together, we’re committed to nurturing the champions of tomorrow and elevating the sport to new heights.

Join us in celebrating our connection with 6-8 Sports as we push the boundaries of water polo excellence.


Academics Only and Athletics Only

At PRIME Athletic Academy, we understand that each student-athlete is unique, with distinct aspirations and needs. That’s why we offer two distinct paths tailored to your goals:

Academics Only

For students who require flexible learning support to excel academically while pursuing their passions outside the world of sports. Our Academic Only program ensures that you receive a high-quality education that adapts to your schedule and commitments.

Parker Forsberg Water Polo Goaltender

Athletics Only

Designed for athletes who want to elevate their performance to the highest level possible. Our Athletics Only program provides comprehensive training, coaching, and support, empowering you to excel in your chosen sport.

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